Green Philosophy

Performance Printing Center has been going progressively green for more than 25 years. Each step has been an improvement; each improvement, a benefit to the environment. From using alcohol-free, soy-based ink to offering paper harvested from managed stands and recycled from 10- to 100-percent post-consumer content, we are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, an international, non-profit organization promoting responsible management of the world’s forests. Achieving FSC certified status is not just a green moment for us, it’s an honor and a process. It all comes down to the way we do business: conscientiously.

Green Practices

  • Alcohol free printing
  • Soy & Vegetable based inks
  • Recycling of aluminum plates
  • Recycling of all paper & cardboard remnants
  • Job planning to reduce material usage
  • Job scheduling to reduce make readies
  • FSC Certification

New Products

  • Fibrestone® Paper
  • Tree Free Water-Proof Paper
  • No Water Consumption
  • No Bleaching Chemicals
  • No Air Pollution

Future Goals

  • Self sufficient with renewable energy.
  • Combination of wind and solar to power our entire operation.